Seismic Design

When local codes dictate a seismic requirement, Thornel can provide the following seismic services:

  • Talk to city to get local codes and determine whether a building permit for our equipment is required.
  • Get a preliminary seismic analysis completed by a seismic engineer for quoting purposes.
  • Submit final installation drawings with complete bill of materials for seismic design and building permits.
  • Coordinating licensed contractors where licenses are required.
  • Arrange for final building permit pickup at the city offices.
  • Arrange any building inspections for equipment occupancy.

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Thornel Associates procures the necessary products for its clients’ needs, and specializes in recommending the right product for the project.

Custom System Design & Fabrication

What Thornel does best is custom system design. From racks to conveyors, we integrate custom solutions for manual and automated operations.

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Project Management Process

With each step of the process, trust the Thornel team to systematically manage the project from consultation to custom design and installation.

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Expert Sales

With an avg. 26.5 years of experience, Thornel's trained and competent sales staff will recommend the optimal system for the project.

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