Master Purchasing Agreement

Longstanding clients trust Thornel with a Master Purchasing Agreement (MPA) that improves Total Cost Management and ultimately makes your job easier. 

Clients who desire to improve efficiency, maintain margins, and reduce day-to-day paperwork, find an MPA a valuable tool in the design, manufacture, and sale of material handling products. Clients eliminate time of an expensive bidding process, reduce day-to-day operating hassles, and ensure consistent product quality with a trusted supplier. 

Ultimately, price vs quality tradeoffs are eliminated to provide you the confidence of both. 

Custom System Design & Fabrication

What Thornel does best is custom system design. From racks to conveyors, we integrate custom solutions for manual and automated operations.

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Project Management Process

With each step of the process, trust the Thornel team to systematically manage the project from consultation to custom design and installation.

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Expert Sales

With an avg. 26.5 years of experience, Thornel's trained and competent sales staff will recommend the optimal system for the project.

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