Stand and Nest

Stack and Nest

Stack & Nest containers are designed for various food, distribution, and general manufacturing applications. These containers stack when full for shipping, turn 180°, and nest when empty for compact storage.

Attached Lid

Attached Lid

Attached and detached-lid containers are ideal for shipping, picking, and storing needs in general manufacturing, grocery, and retail/wholesale product distribution.

Hopper Front


Ideal to hang from racks and panels, stack, or sit on shelving, stackable polypropylene Hopper-Front Storage Containers include a clear hopper window that slides up or down for unobstructed access to contents. Materials can be poured into the back and scooped out of the front for first in, first out product rotation.

Collapsible Bulk

Collapsible Bulk 

Buckhorn offers the industry's most comprehensive line of collapsible and stackable bulk containers. Footprints: 32" x 30", 48" x 40", and 48" x 45"; multiple heights available.

Corrugated Steel Containers” width=

Heavy-Duty Bulk Storage

Strong, durable corrugated steel containers can be custom designed to your specifications. Standard units handle up to 6000 lbs and have options such as drop gates and crane eyes/hooks.

Plastic Corrugated

Plastic Corrugated 

Color-code your inventory for quick reference and easy identification with durable, lightweight, corrugated plastic totes. Appropriate for lean manufacturing. 


Hopper Steel Containers

These units perform double duty as a storage container and dispensing unit, reducing material movement and allowing work areas to double as storage areas.





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