Parts Handling & Storage

Thornel Associates will supply you with the ideal parts handling and storage equipment to complement your project for improved efficiency, ergonomics, and safety. 

Drawer Cabinets

Drawer cabinets 

Drawer cabinets provide versatility for parts handling and storage. Cabinets suit a wide range of applications and provide maximum weight-bearing capacity, organization, and convenience with ergonomics in mind. 

Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal carousel

A horizontal carousel is a series of bins mounted to an oval track. The bins rotate to bring the required items to the operator, and are integrated with computer controls. Benefits include: high throughput, increase accuracy, reduced man hours, cube utilization, and quick payback.

Vertical Carousel

Vertical carousel

Vertical carousels are used when there is limited floor space. The product travels upwards in a vertical circle pattern. Leading companies are utilizing White's vertical carousels to increase storage density, throughput and efficiency while reducing inventory, and man-hours.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins

Hanging systems provide convenient small-to-medium sized parts storage and retrieval. Louvered Panels and Rail Hanging Systems are formed from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel with baked-enamel finish for strength and durability.

Parts Conveyor

Parts Conveyor

Parts conveyors can be portable or permanent. They can be positioned under punch presses and machines to catch small steel, plastic, aluminum stampings, etc. They can have side guards, cleated belts to handle any size part or piece.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets 

Recycled Plastic Pallets are flame-retardant and impervious to bug infestations and extreme climates. Ideal for international shipments. Slip-resistant surface.

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